When you're trying to do something, there's no greater enemy than worrying about how you should do it. Or where you should start. Or what even you should be doing in the first place.

There's something about the word “should” that stops you. Your mind switches into far mode. You examine things from a distance. You ask questions, but don't go out and make the mistakes that would answer those questions.

Twenty years ago it was less dangerous to sit around asking “what should we do?” than it is today. There were only so many books or newsgroups to tell you how you “should” code or “should” run your company. Now you can absorb opinions indefinitely. Slack and email constantly ping you telling you what you “should” be doing.

Doing what you “should” do is often much more about doing what you think other people will admire than trying to find an optimal path.

It's a splash of cold water to think that the background level of “should” is high and still rising. We have a :justdoit: emoji in the Replit slack that is probably our most valuable piece of intellectual property.